Vancity Dog Walking Services

Dogs have different energy levels and needs. That’s why we offer walks of 3 different lengths.

From a 30 minute walk for older, less energetic dogs, to a one hour walks for those dogs who need to let off a lot of steam.

At Vancity Dog, we never walk more than four dogs at a time. It’s not only safer but means they get more personalised attention and have maximum fun!
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Happy Pet Owners

Chico is totally chilled out and happy so he obviously had a great time with you guys-can’t thank you enough!!

vancity dog walking reviews


So happy I found Vancity Dog! Charlie loved the attention and the walk feedback was super useful for my own peace of mind. I was convinced Hannah would go a good job from the first time we met, and I wasn’t disappointed.

vancity dog walking reviews

Eric K

Hannah is a lovely girl who used to walk our dogs when she was still in the UK. She always arrived on time and we could tell our dogs had a great time by how excited they got when they’d see her! She took great care of our keys and we always had complete trust in her and her services. We wish she was still in England!

vancity dog walks



Hannah is the CDW (Chief Dog Walker) at Vancity Dog. She has over 20 years of experience of walking dogs from well-behaved Springer Spaniels, to tug-on-the-leash Labradoodles, small Jack Russell’s and the giant of the dogs kingdom; Irish Wolfhounds.

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